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K E E P . I N . M I N D ! !

►You should only request for characters that you want your character to interact for, random reasons like 'I just want him here, lulz' won't do.
►Please suggest at least one (1) community to advertise in, seeing as how your dear mod is advertisement impaired.
►When you're done, please post here.
►Also, when a requested character has been reserved, or an application submitted, they shall be marked with a strike-through until accepted.

Once you are done reading, please fill out the following text and comment.

Ace Attorney
Phoenix WrightRequested by: real_slim_shadi
Apollo JusticeRequested by: real_slim_shadi
Ema SkyeRequested by: real_slim_shadi
Klavier GavinRequested by: real_slim_shadi
Maya FeyRequested by: real_slim_shadi
Franziska Von KarmaRequested by: real_slim_shadi

Hitsugaya ToushirouRequested by: peachesandplum

Chrono Crusade
Rosette ChristopherRequested by: thecrookedhorn
Azmaria HendricRequested by: thecrookedhorn
Satella HarvenheitRequested by: thecrookedhorn

Folken FanelRequested by: zaibachs_best
Any of the DrangonslayersRequested by: zaibachs_best

Final Fantasy
Any of the Turks.Requested by: redor_dead

Kingdom Hearts
ZexionRequested by: melodyofnight
VexenRequested by: melodyofnight
XigbarRequested by: melodyofnight
LexaeusRequested by: melodyofnight
XemnasRequested by: melodyofnight
XaldinRequested by: melodyofnight
LuxordRequested by: melodyofnight

TonyRequested by: officerdavid
GibbsRequested by: officerdavid
McGeeRequested by: officerdavid
AbbyRequested by: officerdavid
KateRequested by: officerdavid
JennyRequested by: officerdavid
DuckyRequested by: officerdavid
Any other character from the series.Requested by: officerdavid

Pushing Daisies
Emerson CodRequested by: melikaithanato
Olive SnookRequested by: melikaithanato

Soul Eater
Death Scythe/Spirit AlbarnRequested by: shinigami_chop
Sid BarettRequested by: shinigami_chop
AsuraRequested by: shinigami_chop
BlairRequested by: pianoman_soul
Eruka FrogRequested by: pianoman_soul
Black*StarRequested by: starsdemonblade
Dr. Franken SteinRequested by: shinigami_chop
Death the KidRequested by: shinigami_chop
Patricia 'Patti' ThompsonRequested by: shinigami_chop
Elizabeth 'Liz' ThompsonRequested by: shinigami_chop
Marie MjolnirRequested by: shinigami_chop
Joe ButtatakiRequested by: shinigami_chop
MifuneRequested by: shinigami_chop

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
SimonRequested by: floweredirises

Trinity Blood
Abel NightroadRequested by: nightlord_3045
Esther BlanchettRequested by: nightlord_3045
Mirka FortunaRequested by: nightlord_3045

Tags: *character requests, *secondary info


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