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K E E P . I N . M I N D ! !

►If you have a question that isn't answered here, you are more than welcome to ask. We don't bite. ♥


.001 ► So... Where are we?
You are in Enlever Town, your character has been abducted and taken to this world for a 'vacation'. However, this 'vacation' is anything but pleasant.

.002 ► Can my character die?
Yes. But please be aware that your kind 'hosts' are not particularly glad when their guests die. Currently, when your character dies, they should wake up in bed within the next twenty-four hours, however, this may change.

.003 ► What's outside Enlever Town?
Nothing. But why would you want to know when you can stay in the lovely Ravis Seur, before and after curfew? ♥

.004 ► What's this about a curfew?
All characters in the game are affected by a curfew, you see. Enlever Town does not have a sky, the only thing similar to it being a white dome you can see when you look up. However, at a certain hour everyday, all the lights will fade, leaving everyone outside in complete darkness

.005 ► Can I have my character be stuck outside after curfew?
Sure, why not? Knock yourself out.

.006 ► You mentioned the characters living in a Hotel, what is it?
The Ravis Seur Hotel, it's haunted and not all that safer than outside after curfew. ♥

.007 ► Can I invite another character to my Hotel room?
Yes. But please be aware, that once you invite another character to your room they can enter whenever they please, even if your character isn't in at the moment.

.008 ► Can my character and another share rooms?
Sure. I don't see why not.

Go ahead, however, be aware that whatever you do might not amuse your hosts.

.010 ► Can we have the same character, but from a different fandom? Like, say... Cloud from FVII and Kingdom Hearts?
No. You must decide from which fandom you're going to bring them from.

.011 ► You mentioned something about watering their powers down, what does this mean?
Well, let's say that your character can read people's minds, this power would be watered down to an extent where all your character can do is occasionaly hear a murmur or two. However, in the case of a character that can breath fire, or bend something to their will, they will be stripped of that power.
Currently, due to recent events, all characters have 25% of their powers back.

.012 ► What's the difference between Logs and Journals?
Logs: This is where the actual roleplaying comes in. Most of this is done over AIM, or some other instant message service (though, some people have been known to RP right into the log community). It is all usually done in Third-Person.

Journals are the 'eyes' of your character. Similar to how we use our own journals, actually. This is posted straight into the main community.

.013 ► My character isn't exactly 'social'...
No worries! As long as you make journals, notes, logs and reply to comments once in a while, you're good.

.013 ► My character has a 'spirit' or 'alter-ego' inside of them, would that be considered the same character, or another one entirely?
They would be considered two separate characters.

.014 ► I don't have one of the requested IM services, will that be a problem?
Not at all. IM roleplay is optional, and there's nothing you can't do on an IM service that you can't do by posting directly on the community.

.015 ► If the character I want to apply for has been mentioned, but never seen, can I still apply for them?
Yes, you may (because saying otherwise would make me a hypocrite). As long as said character does exist, I see no problem. (Example: Uchiha Shisui from Naruto.)

.016 ► If a character drops, can I say that they left?
When this situation occurs, you are presented with two options. You may have your character forget them if they had no major impact on them, or you may allow your character to keep chunks of their memories with the character that has dropped.

However, please do note that if said character is taken once again, you need to discuss it with the new mun.

.017 ► ...You have a soundtrack?
Yes, yes we do.

.018 ► An application that was submitted after mine was accepted while mine hasn't, did you forget mine?
No, I didn't. This is done on purpose, since please do keep in mind that I am only one person and am not savvy to all fandoms. If your application hasn't been reviewed yet and others have, it just means that I'm still researching your character.

.019 ► I've recently changed my email/aim/main account/whatever, how do I notify you guys?
Just comment on the Taken Characters page with the changes, and be sure to tell us what character(s) it affects and from which fandom they are.

.020 ► I'm sorry, but when are you going to review my app? It was submitted days ago!
We're terribly sorry, but applications are, normally, reviewed on Friday - Sunday.

.021 ► I can't tag my entries!
As of November 22nd, 2008 all entry tags are moderated. Try using your character's full name to tag, and if that doesn't work, please see this entry.
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